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Professor is down!
May 26, 10 5:52 AM
Progress - Dreamwalker
May 23, 10 6:34 PM
New Guildleader
May 19, 10 12:33 PM
Apr 26, 10 5:49 AM
We are now OPEN
Apr 14, 10 3:51 AM
Game News

Hello Kitty Raider ^-^

Meow Raiders!

Hello Kitty Raider (HKR for short) is a raiding guild where socializing is one of our top priorities. We love to raid, but at the same time, we love to have fun and have found a good way to mix the two together.

We raid 3-4 nights a week, focusing on getting our members geared up so we can finish ICC10 before Cataclysm comes out, and we have fun raids every weekend.

Feel free to take a look around our website.
General rules can be found here.
Specific raid rules can be found here
For applicationform, please go here

We look forward to meeting you, and reading your application ^_^

Ps. The guild leader is female, so be prepared for PMS fits.
Other Guild News

Professor is down!

GuildleaderHKR, May 26, 10 5:52 AM.
We managed to get the Professor down in ICC last night, very awesome of everyone, and special thanks to Koprton who helped us downing the professor (and is even applying to the guild ^-^).

We made an attempt at Council, but failed epicly, but we will give it a try again in the upcoming game week!

The recruitment list has been updated, so recruiters go take a look. We are in dire need of tanking DK's!

I have also been clearing up the site a bit, throwing out old members that aren't with us, and members of the website that are not in the guild and have not made an application. 


Progress - Dreamwalker

Elinoria - Bo, May 23, 10 6:34 PM.
Yay us!

New Guildleader

GuildleaderHKR, May 19, 10 12:33 PM.
I am sorry to say this guys, but the way things currently are, I am unable to run the guild. I am experiencing far too many depressions currently and I have a feeling they might be stress-related due to exams.

So until further notice, I am giving my leadership to Rawkfist. I will still be a big part of the guild, and I will take over again once I am ready for it, but right now, I need to set myself before the game.

So from now on, if you have any issues, please talk to him. 
Meanwhile, I will still be your emotionally unstable Raidleader, I will yell at you on Vent when you upset and bully me, and I will not keep my hormones more in check, just because I'm not fully in charge. I am simply doing this so I wont have the responsibility of making all of you guys happy and have that strain on me.

But be assured, my behaviour will NOT change, and I will still be the girl with the hormones and the shrill shrieks on Vent.

I love you guys, and I really hope I can get back to leading this fantastic guild as soon as possible.



GuildleaderHKR, Apr 26, 10 5:49 AM.
As we are slowly growing in numbers, we are getting more and more people into the guild who are able to raid with us, and we are very happy with this.

The Guild Rules have been updated, so go take a look at those, and a few more threads have been made. 
The Officers would also like to know who want to be in our core raid group. Being in the core raid group means that you set everything, including your life away from WoW, on standby and devote your entire time and focus on the raid. We hope to be raiding 2-4 times a week, starting with Thursdays and Tuesdays from 19:20-23:00, no exceptions. 

We are now OPEN

GuilleaderHKR, Apr 14, 10 3:51 AM.
The <Hello Kitty Raider>'s website is now officially open.
We hope this will turn out to be a good experience for everyone, and we encourage you to add new threads in the discussion forums that hold your interest. There will soon be a PYP (Post Your Picture) thread up, and we encourage everyone in the guild to upload a picture of yourself (Just dont make it too big) in this thread and tell us a few things about yourself.
We are also working on a Birthday list, and a thread for posting these will soon be up and running too. 

Happy gaming, and remember
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